I think the most surreal, exhilarating part of seeing Sigur Ros live was the visceral realisation that not only were they standing in front of me and playing music right at that point, but that these were the people in all the videos and pictures and interviews and in Heima and INNI and everything, they had done all that and I had read or watched it all, and here they were converged to a point in front of me, in the same room. I mean, I saw Jonsi live in 2010 as well and had the same feeling, there he and Alex were, no longer the people teaching people how to make raw vegan food from a computer screen or goofing off in those home movies, but really really there

I don’t know, I mean logically of course I know they’re real but it was if I’d been with them, or vice versa, vicariously through the computer, and suddenly all that past experience became flesh and blood

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